Kantisto is expending the current activities and is looking for a Research Scientist Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry for  project employment for a maximum of 2 years. You can find the full description here.

The research scientist will develop and optimize Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) based methodologies for analytes in cell culture fermentation processes for biopharmaceuticals. The work is part of an analytical platform development and includes method transfer and adaptation of the methods to a chip-based platform.

The project employment is within the framework of the EU Horizon2020 financed iConsensus project. iConsensus will provide innovative analytical, hardware, software and high-throughput (HTP) solutions for the development, monitoring and control of mammalian cell cultivation process producing biopharmaceuticals. iConsensus will develop an analytical platform with on-line/at-line sensors and detection methods measuring multiple factors in the cell culture and product quality attributes. Under advanced data management, the analytical platform will be integrated in new micro-bioreactors for HTP screening on one hand and in classical stirred tank vessel bioreactor on the other hand. Based on the analytical information, feedback control will be applied. When deemed suitable, implementation in GMP production of the sensing and control tools will be carried on.

Collaboration with iConsensus partners is an important task of the research scientist. The practical work will be performed in the laboratories of one of the iConsensus partners in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The starting date is October 2018.