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  • Dr Cari is one of the world’s foremost CE consultants. I attended one of her training courses on capillary electrophoresis method development and validation organised by Kantisto BV consultancy. It was really a very great and interesting course. Every time I read one of her articles in CE Solutions ( or her training course notes, I feel that I am hearing a very nice piece of music that is when finished the audiences ask the musician for more and more. I can call what she writes as "the challenging ease"; something which is easy to understand but difficult to write. As I am interested in pharmaceutical analysis, I am becoming "addict" of her articles about CE waiting for more and more. I do not have to say theses words but I really believe that Dr Cari is someone that deserves acknowledgement for all what she does for CE.
    Mohamed El-Awady, University of Marburg, Germany
  • Cari has thorough knowledge of the CE technique and she very honestly teaches her audience about the advantages of the apparatus and technique, not avoiding to also point out it's disadvantages and pitfalls. She took up her role as an independent advisor of the technique.
  • An advanced course in Capillary Electrophoresis was not in the market for a long time. Although we have a lot of experience and use several applications in capillary zone electrophoresis we want to learn more. Nowadays we use the technique mostly for small ions and we searched for total different applications. Kantisto developed training on-site, according to our wishes. We refreshed the CE theory, got valuable tips and tricks and learned about capillary gel electrophoresis. The course was given by Cari Sänger with great enthusiasm. This proves her passion to the technique and her knowledge in CE gave us a positive step forwards.
    K.L. Jentink, C.J.M. Evertse

    Research, Development & Innovation,
    AkzoNobel Chemicals bv
  • I found the course very helpful. It gave a good background on the theory and I learned many points on where to look for improvement.
  • I recommend this course to others because it is easy to follow and you get to know all the ins and outs of the CE.
  • I learned the way of developing a method and that there are more variable parameters that have a great influence on the results.
  • The troubleshooting part was very good, interesting and handy.
  • The course as very helpful and insightful and taught many practical considerations I did not realise before.
  • The technical and scientific background provided by Cari, turned out to be very valuable knowledge in making the ultimate decision in investing in this new technique.
  • I learned that it is important to think before you start with CE. The training provided a very good overview.
  • The course gives good inside info about the methods and I gained more background info.
  • It was a very diversified program and gave me a better understanding of what and why I do ...
  • It was thorough and gave great insight on the theory behind CE.
  • I learned a lot on troubleshooting which will give us better productivity.
  • Nice tips and trick on how to have better results.
  • Cari has an unaffected, natural way of teaching. There was plenty of opportunity to ask questions and the speed of the training was adapted to our uptake.
  • The training exceeded my expectations. It was a perfect day with much knowledge gathering.